Director's notes

Deborah Mulhall

In 2012, many of us were privileged to see The Pond, a 10 minute play in the Short and Sweet festival at the Seymour Centre. So moved was I by this poignant tragedy of an ordinary relationship that I, along with many others, nagged and badgered Con to give more voice to the social significance of suffering, depression and death in ordinary lives. To the misfiring of intention and understanding that besets the best of loving couples.

This is what I believe The Pond gives us – a moment to understand that in the end, the what-ifs are no longer an option. There is only moving on.

Somehow it is almost appropriate that 2020 is the year we intended to bring this to the stage as our tiny little group has spent time on the what-ifs of production. Edged with uncertainty, we have come through it and realised this little gem – Con, Oliver, Rosemary and me.

Thank you to all the organisations and people to have supported us with so much goodwill.


Salvatore Coco for his Salsa lessons.

Susie Hardgrave for dramaturgical services and kind words.

Dave Letch for the same.

Sam Haft and Sport for Jove for the free rehearsal space. 

Sam Barnett for sound design.

New Theatre and Flight Path Theatre for their help with rehearsal space.

Fiona for her help with props.

Jason Nicholas for the photography and radio show production.

Raymundo Arellano for the design of marketing materials.

Katherine Shearer and Lynden Jones for their readings and feedback.